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Monday, 05 May 2014 17:01

Charles Ross: Scouting Report, Interview & Film Breakdown Featured

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Despite being the leading rusher in Conference USA, the first time an Owl has achieved this since 1997, Rice University running back Charles Ross seems to be flying under the radar this draft season. A bruising back with enough speed and quickness to make an immediate impact as a rookie in the NFL, Ross has a 4th round grade in my book. Check on past the break for the full scouting report and interview with Ross. 


Charles Ross Scouting Report

Charles Ross, RB, Rice University (HT: 6’0; WT: 223lbs)

Pro Day Weigh In






Pro Day Results

40-yard dash

10-yard split



Bench Press









Overall RB Rank: 12th

Overall Grade: 75.6

Round Value: 4th-5th



+ Large, muscular back that uses his size to break tackles

+ Good quickness and speed for his size

+ Tends to always fall forward and gain extra yards

+ Good pass blocker, showing good strength and mirror ability

+ Can contribute early in his career as a short yardage back with some upside

+ Productive player despite being the focal point of the offense



Ross has impressive quickness for a bigger back, as he's able to gain chunk yards on outside sweep runs.



Ross flashes the ability to be the total package, with size, balance, vision and power. 



- Durability throughout the season could be a concern. Had troubles staying on the field throughout his career, and wore down late in 2013

- Could be role limited at current size due to speed and big-play ability

- Limited production as a receiver throughout career


Personal Notes

· Named First-Team All-CUSA in 2013

· First Rice RB to lead conference in rushing yards since 1997

· Former 2-Star recruit according to rivals.com



Charles Ross improved throughout his career to become one of the best Rice University backs in history. His senior season brought accolades as he entered school record books. If Ross can stay healthy, I expect him to make a roster and contribute early in his NFL career. He could be a great value on day three of the NFL Draft this spring. 


Charles Ross Interview

Ross talks about his senior season at Rice, the draft process, what motivates him, and his plans for and after the NFL draft. Of course, we mix in some talk about local food and Twitter as well.

Q: 2013 was a breakout season for you in terms of on-field production and media recognition. How would you describe your senior season at Rice?

A:  My senior season was a culmination of four years of hard work. Throughout my college career, I consistently improved my personal stats. I had a great senior year at Rice due in large part to my coaches and teammates, but also due to my relentless work and dedication on the field.

Q: What do you think led to your breakout season? I mean, you had some very impressive games, notching over 100 yards in seven games in 2013.

A: Even though I have gotten consistently better over the years, I feel like I’m just beginning to experience the full range of my abilities. As good as my game was this year, I feel like it’s only going to get better with NFL coaching and training. Additionally, my senior season was a tribute to Stahle Vincent  - the first black quarterback in the former South West Conference. I was asked if I would wear his number during the game. This was an honor for me so, in part, the strong results of my games were due to being inspired by a truly great athlete. 

Q: In my notes I marked that you are one of the better pass blockers in this class. What do you think your greatest strengths are, and where can you improve?

A:  My personality demands positive results. I take pride in being a cerebral football player focusing on getting better with each new play. In my senior campaign, I emphasized pass blocking in film study.  I am a big back accordingly to today’s standards and believe that my size and speed are in harmony.  As far as areas of improvement, even though my blocking was good this year, I want to be excellent. I have been working on it this off-season and will continue to make it better until it is perfect. I want to be considered amongst the best in the league. 

Q: Despite your impressive feats, you didn’t participate in a college all-star bowl. Were you invited to participate in any of the games, and if not, does it bother you that you were overlooked?

A: Absolutely, I was disappointed to not be invited to any college all-star bowl games so I can compete against the best in College Football. However, this motivates me to get better.

Q: Being a 2-star recruit out of high school, and now being under the radar in the media, how does being the underdog affect you?

A: In high school, I was rated as a 2-star recruit. Once I made it to Rice, I proved that I was a 4 star athlete.


Q: You were born in San Antonio, Texas, and your parents still reside there, correct? (If so), what was it like to play close to home?

A:  My parents, family, and close friends were able to personally watch me play.  I am pleased to have had the opportunity to share my success with loved ones that has made this possible.

Q: How would you feel about playing for the local Houston Texans, or are you a Cowboys fan?

A: I grew up watching Emmitt Smith, but my running style is similar to former Houston Oiler Running back, Earl Campbell.  However, I request the right to reserve my answer to this question to see which one of the Texas teams drafts me.  All jokes aside, I would be honored to play for any one of the 32 teams.

Q: I’m still fairly new to the Houston area, so I have to ask, what’s your favorite restaurant in Houston and what do you order?

A:  Buffalo Wild Wings. Wings, of course.

Q: Have you been to Chuey’s yet? It’s been my favorite so far.

A:  I am a fan of Tex-Mex cuisine and place Chuey’s high on my list of favorite restaurants.   

Q: Who do I try to mirror, in terms of on-the-field playing style?

A:  Candidly, I do not try to mirror any particular running back.  I have been told that I emulate Adrian Pederson.

Q: When teams ask you, what are they ultimately getting from Charles Ross?

A: The team that drafts me will be pleased with my understanding of the game. I complement my understanding of the game with a swift and agile running style that easily morphs into a bruising force for defenders. They will get a complete player who can catch and block. Most importantly, I am the ultimate teammate.

Q: What teams have you received interest from?

A: Houston Texas, Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, and the Green Bay Packers to name a few.

Q: What are your plans for Draft weekend?

A: Family, food, and football. 

Q: How will you use your first professional paycheck?

A:  Wisely. I am an economics major and understand the importance of controlling spending and making wise investments. I have retained a group of sports attorneys that I consult with regarding contract, business, and life skills issues.  We meet monthly to strategize and discuss my NFL career. I am very focused on being the best player I can be. Making unwise decisions only detracts from that focus.

Q: Your Twitter account is @Los_28, but it is set to private. With social media being so prevalent, do you plan on making it public so you can interact with fans? 

A:  I value communication. Most importantly, I value relationships with people that find joy in watching me play. I am a private person. However, I will make my twitter public when I announce which NFL team has made the best decision of this 2014 draft by selecting me.


Findepth would like to thank Charles for his time and wish him the best of luck as he embarks on his NFL journey. 

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